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open underwear store to make money? Look at the market more and more brand underwear stores, many businesses are very exciting. If you want to successfully set up shop to make money, need to pay attention to what matters? Xiao Bian today found a successful investor, he shared some experience, I hope to help.

"first wanted to open a lucrative lingerie shop, then choose the brand is the fundamental. Before I joined the lack of understanding to the industry, to provide me with real data, industry and knowledge, so I fully understand the underwear industry investment, do not worry, they should do this is to customers, but also let us know the overall strength, such as underwear shop need to invest the amount of money in general lingerie shops are how to operate, lingerie store products in the most cost-effective package is what and so on."

"underwear shop can guarantee profits, it is because the comprehensive technical support, they have opened training before, opened the guidance in operation, the franchisee seminar, and post operation in the process of free consultation and supervision stores under the guidance of business. This is my shop four years to feel the deepest service, it is because of such a comprehensive range of services and brand awareness, my underwear store profits have been steady."

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