The nternet business is facing the winter and warm winter

China’s economy continued to slow down in the past two years, some people say that the arrival of the winter capital. But some analysts pointed out that the winter capital, Internet business will usher in development opportunities are not the same, said entrepreneurship is a little too warm.

In China

government advocacy, Internet centric business on the tide, but this year with the second half of the capital markets turmoil, Internet companies began to enter the winter capital voice can be heard without end, how to look at this two days of hot and cold environment? 27, senior Internet entrepreneurs, Chinese largest electricity supplier maternal baby tree founder and CEO Wang Huainan said that the winter capital is good news for the outstanding Internet Co, for start-ups, "the capital of winter is actually warm winter business".

"from a historical perspective, the winter for good company is good news, because lost a lot of unnecessary phenomenon. For example, frozen out of business models and user growth team. From that perspective, China Internet and American Internet is all through the winter, getting better, "said Wang huainan.

"I particularly love the environment, this environment is not impetuous, see the product, see the user’s needs, grasp the true very good face. The staff is not so impetuous, employees thought can jump a tank up 30%, 50% annual salary, this opportunity is relatively small, but he Jingxiaxinlai true skill and genuine knowledge "he said.

Chinese with cross-border electricity supplier and maternal electricity supplier the two "outlet" outbreak, maternal electricity providers also ushered in a new round of growth, Wang Huainan, baby tree self beauty store mother maternal electricity supplier since September last year to September this year launched a year, has been growing at breakneck speed, quickly enter the Chinese maternal electricity supplier first team. This growth is not after the price war and advertising campaigns to real growth. < / recommendation

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