Suitable for women of the four size of the venture

In fact, a lot of people know that

, in terms of gender differences still exist, some industries because of their own characteristics and more suitable for men or women. Below, a look at what industries are suitable for women to invest in entrepreneurship.

is more suitable for the woman’s drug stores and health food stores, from the investment threshold, comprehensive drug stores or pharmacies in the investment threshold, the average of more than 500 thousand yuan, gross margin of about 35%, the payback period is longer, more adequate funding for long-term development of entrepreneurs. Health food store, is divided into natural health drinks shop and emphasis on health, diet health food restaurant, which is a higher cost of shop, with an average of about 400 thousand -60 million. The health drink shop investment threshold is relatively low, easier to enter, once successful, will be the fastest in the concept of health industry to make money.

for less money for entrepreneurs, to complete the primitive capital accumulation of opening a retail clothing store, is the first step towards success. And there is a certain amount of capital entrepreneurs, you can open and sell small companies do clothing manufacturers sales agents, or enter the clothing wholesale market.

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