The sisters to venture to build the planning of agricultural greenhouse flower dream

once young people do not like to engage in agricultural work, that dirty and tired, there is no way out. But now the rapid development of new agriculture, quickly occupy a place in the market, the young people who leave home to see business opportunities, one after another to return home to start the road of agricultural entrepreneurship.

2016 years, for the 28 year old Li Na is a happy year.

2016 in January 23rd, she fell in love with her boyfriend for 3 years, the end of love, into the marriage hall.

2015, due to extreme cold weather, they shed a lot of flowers, fruits and vegetables are subject to freezing, plus the haze weather, the pollen can not be timely by the sunlight, a lot of flowers is not good. Therefore, Li Na and his family agreed that this Spring Festival firecrackers, reducing air pollution.

"I found in TUZUOQI four days, many County town and village people have been aware of this aspect, the number of families set off firecrackers less than before a lot." Li Na said.

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