What are the practical skills in the process of cigarette sales

scan code for some large supermarkets in the city is not a strange thing, but for some remote areas of the retail shop is still a modern means of marketing. As a matter of fact, the cigarette sweep system is a practical tool for the cigarette retail customers to manage cigarettes. It has a very convenient and fast advantage in the aspects of cigarette inventory counting, profit calculation and detailed inquiry. In the actual scan code, there are three practical skills, if you can use it, it will benefit the cigarette sales scan code is more obvious.

a, fast and complete price change. When the actual selling price of cigarettes is not the same as the price of the sweep, the price should be revised. The use of "price change" this trick, to change the price of each cigarette package and price, very troublesome. Of course, there is still one more good use, that is: click on the "basic information", click "commodity based information", click on the upper left corner of the red font "price management", click "search" to directly modify a one-time per cigarette price quotation, and click "save", after the scan code the price is the revised price.

In two,

sales billing inventory list. It would be nice if you could show the stock of the same kind of cigarettes at the same time that you were selling cigarettes! In this case, the number of inventory in the hearts of several. The steps are as follows: landing, system management, advanced options options "in the sales billing list inventory" on the left side of the box left click tick to determine. In this case, the cigarette will be displayed on the right side of the cigarette.

three, to solve the problem of scanning system card. In the scan code of cigarette sales, sometimes encountered stuck problem, resulting in billing cannot checkout, wait a few minutes will return to normal. This is due to the change of quantity, be careful to not to change the number of "following" without a ticket "," small ticket "to open the function, the system takes the resources, but did not find. At this time, only need to click the "small ticket", can return to the "ticket", not card.

now although there are many shopkeepers have accepted the cigarette scan code such sales skills, but in the real operation process, often not very good use, once a problem is difficult to solve, but the impact of the cigarette sales. So, there are more than three of the introduction of small skills, if you are a retail shop owner, do you know how to use sweep code skills?

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