Purple potatoes let female doctor to write a potato rich legend

who knows agriculture will be the next business outlet, but not everyone can seize the start point. Peng Jie, a female doctor in Sichuan, started with a unique purple potato, Create Company became rich".

"this is not a potato, this is purple potatoes!" 27 year old Peng Jie stressed. Peng Jie is a PhD student in Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity, general manager of Chengdu Sheng is Huihe agricultural science and technology limited company, the company’s main production and sale of purple potatoes. Although the price of purple potatoes more than five or six times more than ordinary potatoes, but very hot, in 2015 the company created more than 10000 yuan benefits while also led to a lot of farmers to get rich.

choose to sell purple potatoes is Peng Jie undergraduate entrepreneurship, when exposed to purple potatoes in the laboratory after the germination of the idea. In fact, purple potatoes is not a strange thing, when the Ming Dynasty introduced from abroad to China, but the output is not high, so gradually eliminated. However, purple potato is rich in anthocyanin and selenium, high nutritional value, food demand and modern people agree without prior without previous consultation.

"fine varieties of domestic purple potatoes, lack of depoisonous less, small scale of production, storage and transportation technology is backward, it can be said that the industry is in the purple potato broad" blue ocean "." Purple potatoes to learn more, Peng Jie more excited, she and her partner Liu Yisheng into the entrepreneurial tide. In 2012, the two sides continue their graduate studies, while leading the potato legend entrepreneurial team set up the company, eventually became known as the venture couple".

how to select suitable for planting in Sichuan and the local people’s consumption habits of purple potato varieties, is the first problem facing Peng Jie and his companions. Potatoes are most suitable for growth in high altitude, where the temperature difference between day and night, strong ultraviolet radiation, purple purple potato accumulation and starch accumulation, taste more delicate, but also slightly sweet." Peng Jie explained. After years of trial and error, they finally picked out a more satisfactory variety. This year intends to apply for provincial identified varieties."

from undergraduate laboratory in the initial contact with the purple potatoes, Dr. botany to read now agricultural college, along the way, Peng Jie learning and Entrepreneurship Project organically combined with professional knowledge. She pointed to strong support for their team entrepreneurial success cannot do without the school and teacher. There are a lot of resources in the school, the teacher also encourages us to start a business, teach us a lot of experience." Peng Jie said.

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