Top ten brands of soy sauce

burning meat braised with salad, soy sauce, cooking dishes, the sauce will be different. In short, soy sauce is the most commonly used spices Chinese ethnic cuisine, soy sauce is extremely rich in nutrients, the main nutritional components including amino acids, soluble protein, sugars, acids etc.. So, what are the good brand of soy sauce? What brand of soy sauce? Here, the small series will come to the list of the top ten brands of soy sauce!

1, soy sauce ten brands list: Haitian

China Haitian, the largest professional manufacturer of spices, originated from the Qianlong Foshan Jiang Yuan, has been 300 years of history, its exquisite craft brewing method, mellow taste of the leading peer. In 1955, 25 of Foshan’s outstanding strength, delicious, fragrant and ancient long known Jiang Yuan merger and reorganization strategy.

2, soy sauce ten brands list: Lee Kum Kee

1888, founder of Lee Kum Kee Mr. Li Jinshang invented in Guangdong province Zhuhai town south oyster sauce, Lee Kum Kee founded. "Sili and people" and "integrity, pragmatic, pioneering spirit" is always adhere to the business philosophy and implementation of Lee Kum kee.

3, soy sauce, the top ten brands list: Bang Bang

Guangdong Meiweixian seasoning Food Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city – Zhongshan City, is the torch high technology industry (Group) Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 600872) the wholly owned enterprise, is a modern large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of spices, is one of the major brands in China.

4, soy sauce ten brands list: Golden Garden

Golden Park food (Fujian) Co., Ltd., a wholly foreign owned enterprise, founded in 1999, the company is located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese – five in Fujian Province, Jinjiang City Industrial Park, a total investment of over 1.5 million, covers an area of 96 thousand square meters, construction area of 68 thousand and 900 square meters, with modern high standard of garden plants.

5, soy sauce ten brands list:


Gaga food group Limited by Share Ltd is a large seasoning food listed companies engaged in the research, production and marketing as a whole, founded in 1996, has Changsha Gaga Food Sales Co., panzhongcan foodstuff (Changsha) Co. Ltd., Zhengzhou flavor industry limited company, Gaga Gaga food group (Langzhong) Co., Ltd. 4 A wholly owned subsidiary.

6, soy sauce ten brands list: Amoy

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