Beauty of the heart of the people are visible beauty industry market

when everyone was saying: "everyone has the heart of beauty" this sentence, may have thought this sentence which contains what a huge opportunity, in the process of crazy people’s pursuit of beauty in the beauty industry has failed to attract investors’ attention?

the term can be understood from two aspects. The first choice is "Rong", followed by "beauty"". "Content" includes face, manners, and modification of three meanings.   "beauty" has two meanings of adjectives and verbs. The adjectives show that the beauty of the results and the purpose is beautiful.

verbs show is the beauty of the process, that is to beautify and change the meaning of. So the simple beauty is a kind of change has good behavior and disease (face), to become civilized, with high quality and can be accepted by the appearance of a process or activity and, for this purpose and use of products and methods.

Use of cosmetics is not merely

sk-ii famous fairy water in China retail price of 560 yuan, and its manufacturing cost is only $6.5. You’re surprised if the R & D costs are added to each cost no more than 10 yuan. Shiseido 650 yuan /50 grams of eye cream packaging costs even less than $10. And those 150 yuan low-end Aupres cream costs only 3 yuan. The reason why the price is expensive, the reason for the brand publicity, packaging costs and advertising costs.


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