nvestment yogurt bar feasible

venture capital, business opportunities, although more, but in the end it is feasible, naturally we need to have a more detailed analysis. So, it is feasible to invest in yogurt? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand, to see whether such opportunities will have a good development.

"yogurt bar" is a kind of technology using yogurt brewing, with a dedicated automatic temperature control yogurt machine and special yogurt packaging site handmade, yogurt yogurt sales are now selling. In the yogurt bar, you can produce authentic authentic yogurt, as well as a variety of fruits, fruit yogurt and Prince milk. Simply put it, that is, in the form of a store opened a yogurt factory features.

at present, in many patterns of yogurt yogurt, especially yogurt, bananas, mango, lemon, pineapple, raisins…… If your taste is more unique, you can also mix a few yogurt together, there is a feeling of DIY. Some yogurt bar advertising claims that investment 4~6 million, the annual profit can reach about 400000 yuan.

yogurt bar project has now started in Beijing, Ji’nan, Guangzhou and other cities. Now each big city is a popular homemade yogurt machine is small, but the production cost is high, time-consuming, and production capacity is relatively small (1 kg), can not adapt to the fast-paced, afraid of trouble now people living habits, so the "milk bar" came into being.

in Beijing, Ji’nan, Guangzhou and other places more stores, the current franchise based. Yogurt bar product prices can not compete with the local yogurt factory mass production of yogurt, only differentiated survival. Yogurt produced by large companies rely on the deployment of fermentation technology to control the taste, otherwise it is a taste.

on its market demand, the current domestic per capita consumption of milk and foreign milk consumption per capita gap is still large, so the future of dairy industry has great potential.

investment threshold, according to the survey, all equipment investment will not exceed 10 thousand yuan. A small yogurt machine price is 2000 yuan, each can produce 20 kg of yogurt, and is fully automatic temperature control, power 500~1000W.

profit margins, in recent years, intense competition in the dairy market, after a vicious price war, the white milk market prices fell to the bottom line. At present, the white milk industry average gross margin of about 18%, while the yogurt industry gross margin can reach 35% to 40%, some varieties of yogurt gross margin will be higher.

after investigation found that many chain brands will now join the fee increased to sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan, greatly increasing the cost of investors. In addition to the franchise fee, the purchase of machinery and equipment, the chain price is much higher than the market price of the brand. Recommended investors

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