Hongkong star Louis Koo announced the 2015 revenue list continues to lead

Hongkong "Ming Pao" published the 2015 Hongkong star income list in the day before, Louis Koo to 415 million yuan ultra high level for third consecutive years the title list. Followed by Angelababy and Donnie Yen, 265 million and 222 million, respectively.

"Ming" according to a movie fee of HK $20 million calculations, ignoring part of the movie he may have to participate in the investment and dividend situation, the 14 movie paycheck is HK $280 million. In addition, he took 12 ads this year, with an average of $10 million per unit, and $120 million.

there are 3 new year performances and 25 of his business, brought a total of $25 million. In addition, there are TV series "big love song" because the cloud shot early, paid HK $5 million.

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