When is the best time to start a business

start to early we have all heard this sentence, but the specific age we have discussed, the best age to start a business is exactly what time, we go to see it! Popular argument is 29 years old, before the expiration of the period of youth action. Otherwise, you will be branded as "expired". Geoffrey of Harvard Business School? That Geithner’s statistics, creation of high potential entrepreneurs with an average age of 35. In the Internet era, with pressing youth IT upstart, their success menacing, as if people feel more and more urgent, entrepreneurship as early as possible.

starting point to retrieve a few commercial genius: the 18 year old freshman Mike? DELL registered "DELL computer company, started to sell the business since the installation of computer; at the age of 19, Bill? Gates drop out of school practice his prescient dream, a 20 year old Microsoft; Steve? Jobs (Steve Jobs) in the garage Office of the Apple Corp; also not to start the two founders of Larry himself and the great cause of the GOOGLE in the garage at the age of 30? Page and Sergey Brin, and? Their latest acquisition of YouTube net station two founders?? 27 year old Chinese Steve and Chen the 29 year old Chad Hurley.

however, to believe that youth entrepreneurship is at most 40 years old will end, which can cause depression. For those who have at the age of 40, don’t really want to close this business door? Age will become a passionate middle-aged or elderly, challenge the bane? This is not the case.

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