Tianjin to check air pollution to implement the six uniform

to the winter, the northern region began to focus on heating, although to send warmth to countless families, but it caused serious pollution of the air, exacerbated by haze. Tianjin region has adopted strict measures to strengthen the inspection efforts to minimize the impact of air pollution!

to strengthen air pollution supervision and severely deal with illegal sewage enterprises, the day before, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on 2016 Winter Atmospheric Pollution Prevention special inspection of law enforcement to conduct a comprehensive plan of action. From November 2016 to March 2017, Tianjin will carry out coal-fired boilers, iron and steel industry, industrial park, heavy pollution weather emergency protection, night raids "zero action", air pollution prevention and control of cross check each other 6 categories of special law enforcement inspection, the formation of strict law enforcement supervision, anti pollution to the iron fist strike involving violations of air pressure.

According to the progress of Tianjin

, the characteristics of the source of pollution and environmental protection priorities in November 2016, focusing on inspection of the elevated source enterprise automatic monitoring facilities and central heating enterprises (units) emissions standards; in December, focusing on inspection of the enterprise material yard dust pollution control; in January 2017, the focus of the inspection on VOC emission enterprises and oil and gas recovery device installation and use situation of gas station; in February, focusing on inspection of small coal-fired boilers banned, transformation and emissions standards; in March, the focus of the inspection "scattered, chaotic, dirty" enterprise zones comprehensive improvement situation. At the same time, to guarantee every day patrol inspection, night night raids, cross check between the districts, between the various departments of joint law enforcement.

in the inspection of law enforcement, for the discovery of various types of environmental violations of the law, the environmental protection departments will be through the implementation of the "six", resolutely and promptly severely punished for illegal discharge of pollutants: equipment and facilities shall be implemented for sequestration; air pollutant emissions exceeding the standard of enterprises shall be ordered to limit production shutdown and be booked on; the enterprise will be continued emissions exceed the standard production of consecutive daily fines; shall be ordered to stop production remediation after refusing, or without authorization to resume production enterprises will be written to the government request closure; suspected environmental pollution crime shall be transferred to public security departments; ineffective units and enterprises to implement emergency measures to reduce emissions, the city will be informed, and the persons responsible.

air pollution is becoming more and more serious, it is not a person, an area of the problem, and become a problem facing the country. Tianjin’s air pollution inspection, indicating that the city of Tianjin under a decision on the air, in the hope that under the guidance of the six will improve the local air pollution problem!

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