What are the entrepreneurial opportunities in the countryside

this year, can think of others that is called creative, can find others are not in the business on the road, is to find a big business, we take a look in the rural areas have what kind of business opportunities.

Customers can buy under the ownership of

can grow fruits "book"

sold in Japan around the shopping malls and bookstores have "fruit book". Such as "tomato book", "cucumber book", "eggplant book". These books are packed with seemingly surface waterproof paper, the plug has amianthus, artificial fertilizers and seeds. According to the people after the repurchase with planting specifications, as long as the daily watering, can grow finger thickness of cucumber, tomato, projectile like fist of eggplant. Under normal circumstances, a tomato book can be grown by 150 to 200 mini fruit, a cucumber book can be produced from 50 to 70 pocket melon"…… Because in an ornamental and edible, farmers have to sell, to increase revenue.

the fruit pre-sale property

flowers to make crafts

the so-called "process of flowers", is a change in the past sales of flowers, according to the special needs of various flowers, will get all dressed up, make it more personalized beauty. The process has a flavor for taste, color luster, also can be decorated with various kinds of silk ribbons, etc., and then to a special basket, gift box packaging. Japanese attach great importance to quality and personality, as long as the favorite flowers, even if the price is high also has a lot of people to buy, the flower and flower growers, processors in the harvest is not small.

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