The elderly entrepreneurship is also a miracle Liang Chengfu to build industrial park of sweet osman

entrepreneurship is not just a young people’s patents, as long as there is the spirit of innovation and learning, how old is not too late to start a business. After the time of precipitation, rich experience and mature thinking has become the key to winning entrepreneurs in the elderly.

under the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" entrepreneurial atmosphere, over sixty Liang Chengfu as a young man full of entrepreneurial passion, now he almost focus on the sweet scented osmanthus, is opening their own piece of the sky business.

1951 years, Liang Chengfu was born in the town of triangle village. Liang Chengfu began to grow after the retirement of sweet scented osmanthus, is now a general manager of the ancient forest of a limited company, he is to create an industry osmanthus.

let osmanthus Xiangpiao thousands of households

"we keep pace with the times, the traditional mode of our country for thousands of years in the sweet scented osmanthus ground planted onto the balcony, to achieve tens of thousands of households, planted in the city building." ‘it’s a meaningful thing,’ Mr. Liang Chengfu said.

about dream of entrepreneurial passion

> delta southeast of the town of

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