Do not judge business

profiling, which is almost any one’s mind, but if the shop to do business, but people are really bad. Not long ago, a retail business to my cousin ‘s play, it happened that I had to go out of the store, the transaction naturally give her to the escrow.

half an hour later I returned to the store, cousin with deep feeling told me about one thing.

she said that after I left, one dressed in very ordinary people to three bottles of water, she didn’t see what money is not how enthusiastic. When the customer buying water did not leave immediately, but go to the counter to the cigarette, a pack of 40 yuan of "Yuxi", after the settlement of accounts opened up on the spot after suction.

cousin realized that the customer’s consumption level is actually very high. She exclaimed: "business really can not judge!"

do business really can’t judge a book, I also have some sympathy.

shop operation, I met a variety of customers every day. In my contact with some of the lower level of consumption, there is no shortage of people wearing high profile, elegant; some of the higher level of consumption, but wearing a very ordinary.

customer dress, it will affect people’s ability to judge their spending, however, as the owner, can not be based on these appearances in the reception of the above differences. In short, as a retail owner, we have to treat all customers alike, so as to stabilize the source, to gain.

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