Professional angel investment proposal entrepreneurs melt a round of PreA

can be recognized by the Vc firms of entrepreneurs is a standard, and as a professional angel investment advice is for the entrepreneur entrepreneurs to raise a round of PreA, where the specific meaning, Xiaobian a look!

attention of venture capital circles may be found,   Pre A  fusion; rounds of entrepreneurial projects more and more, especially from the beginning of the second half of 2015, domestic venture projects frequently broke   Pre A  round of financing, it can be said that the   Pre; A  round of financing is becoming the new trend of RMB fund!

1, PreA and the significance of the existence of logic

1) for entrepreneurs, business costs rise, generally around 3 million yuan of angel investment through   often only enough to build a model run through basic project mode, the amount of data is not up to the requirements of the A round of investment, most entrepreneurs are likely to lead to capital is the time for the fault in the traffic rush. While start-up companies usually need   one thousand recommendation;

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