Shop agent what marketing strategy

The rapid development of

network to online business and sales network has entered a golden period, in fact, the sales network is various, so the shop agent what marketing strategy?

investigation sources,

approved products

source is available, the supplier is, the key is to look at your place of his supply source is reliable? General suppliers of products have the company’s Web site, careful observation, research site construction, reliability, etc., in general can be judged almost. Then the market investigation, look at the demand of similar products, be aware of. The product is determined, the key is to see whether you recognized? You have a full understanding of the products identified and recognized, you have the confidence and courage to product into the market, in order to have the possibility of long-term development.

two agency fee (or fee)

1, "zero risk" shop agent: do not have money, directly with the shop or no shop agent to sell each other’s products (online stores, Taobao and eBay are free platform). What products do you sell, the other party to your delivery, as long as the middle of the difference you can.

if you are just entering the ranks of all aspects are not very familiar with, not too much confidence, or have a shop, but a single product, there is more time to take care of, do not want to take more risk and invest more funds, then you have to do a risk free shop agent, agent Pathfinder, it is also a process of accumulation of experience.

2, the risk of the shop or the store agent: some products require agency fees or franchise fees, or you need to have a physical store, some of the requirements of the company according to the unified store standards, decoration patterns, etc.. This will look for a high degree of credibility of the enterprise, such as the integrity of the enterprise. To carefully look at his business license, industrial and commercial tax license, authorization, the number of agency fees, such as whether it is formal, which need to rely on experience to determine.


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