Pay attention to detail to win more customer recognition

a customer will have a very good impression on a store, often with the shop owner in some details of the above services have a great relationship. A few days ago, the sky under a light rain, his wife’s classmates came home with a child, his wife ordered the author to a department store to buy some small food.

buy small food, I was preparing to leave when the shopkeeper smiled and said: "it may rain, wet your car seat, give you a food bag on it, so you can not wet pants". This makes the author very moved, satisfied to leave. From then on, the author has become the supermarket "live advertising" to pro Wei friends, colleagues and students around the publicity, said the department store supermarket boss how careful, how to care about people, etc..

nowadays, some retailers all day complaining about the market, complain about now is not to do business, the customer said to "serve", but not to find the reasons from their own, nor to empathy, but no brains from the subtle to impress the customer. In the sales industry, there is a word, called the details of the king".

Every tiny detail of the

retailer, each of which is unconscious, is likely to leave the impression that the impression that the details have accumulated is considerable. So, smart retailers to pay attention to detail, starting from the details, in order to develop more potential customers, to win more and greater business opportunities.

shop to engage in business, some people lie lie, do not pay attention to details, may neglect the customer; and some people may be discreet, unavoidably, touched by god". In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, if the retailer is always thinking, put yourself in the customer’s position, in some detail, consider more for the sake of customers, in some detail problems, bring real convenience to customers, so that customers have the real "God" feeling. Naturally, the customer will be more and more recognized retailers efforts, is willing to let such businesses earn their own money.

today’s fierce competition in the market, so that the business of the market is not easy. As the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield. In the increasingly fierce competition in the market, a shop owner in order to win the war, only the "customer is God" business philosophy interpretation to the most incisive, the only real customers as their own relatives and friends, so that they can resonate with the business, let them feel close to business services, warm in order to win their hearts.

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