Leisure food store decoration should pay attention to these four points

with the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for high quality snack foods is increasing, open snack food stores is a good choice. Then in the decoration on the foot of the effort, in fact, the decoration should pay attention to the following four points.

1. snack food consumption crowd is mainly young people, romantic atmosphere warm young people like. Therefore, the shop on the wall can be full of cartoon cute cartoon characters stick, can also set the youthful version of the message, the most important is that close to the European style decoration style, let people into the store feel personally on the scene in foreign, think oneself food store.

2. products are also very important, the top shelf is generally high priced goods, specifically for the brand is the white-collar group; the middle is taking the median price of the goods, in the face of the public; the following are some fragmentary gadgets, mainly for the children of the furnishings. There are products must be classified, so that customers into the store to buy at a glance.

3. in store decoration is the first bright and clean, so that people feel clean and healthy, eat at ease. Whether it is store operations or mobile operators should highlight their own characteristics of the project to attract the attention of others, so that consumers have the desire to buy.

4. is the best decoration color, the best use of warm colors, so that when people in the great appetite, and warm colors will make people feel better, stimulate the purchase.

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