What are the skills to choose a good project

People want to get rich on the

social entrepreneurship truly successful career beyond count, but there are a few, this is because they do not know how to choose entrepreneurial project skills, have no choice to a good entrepreneurial projects, so will fail! The following is a small series for the majority of entrepreneurs want to get rich entrepreneurs to summarize some of the options to start a good project skills, take a look at it!

choose the skills to start a good project: to have the patience to choose

has a person, when the world’s richest man over a week, he is the Softbank Corp’s Sun Zhengyi. After graduating from college, he returned to Japan from the United States, chose to set up shop 50 entrepreneurial goals, with one year to investigate one by one, wrote a few feet thick data, and finally chose to do software. Since the choice of the target is related to life, it should not be casual, must go through a full demonstration process. In this process, to be willing to spend time, effort, to be able to calm down, careful investigation and research, to find the facts.

choose the skills to start a good project: to feature

selected items must have " root ". The project is the root of life, the right to life, living conditions. Can be expressed as four words: others have not found; ancestors; and different; strong. " the " that no one else has; it can be a connection between a particular resource and a particular need, a new commercial value of a recognized resource. A man who had come to his relatives found that there was a white earth in the mountains nearby. He could make pottery. He bought this below the clay, the soil dry powdered clay — selling to. Do not do other people have not thought of.

choose the skills to start a good project: to consider the long-term development of

shop entrepreneurial feeling can be compared with the object, the importance of the choice of the project is just as important as marriage. Any project itself, there is a pregnant, pregnancy, birth, development process, this is a natural process, shop entrepreneurs on a specific project, an understanding, understanding, and fully grasp the process, this is a historical process. The process of shop business is people and the long-term mutual harmony project process, decide the selection must be based on long-term projects.

choose the skills to start a good project: to market positioning

to determine the path of investment projects to choose the following 4 steps: 1 Analysis of judgment, to know what things can not be done. There is a place where there are 100 families, each with 1 yuan; you have a great ability to put all the people all the money earned –100 yuan. There is a place with 100 households, each 10 thousand yuan; you do not recommend.

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