Suining a number of financial institutions to provide loans to entrepreneurs

funds often become a stumbling block on the road of entrepreneurship. In order to solve the difficult problem of a customer funds, Suining banking regulatory bureau to guide financial institutions to carry out several venture capital support activities, carrying pocketbook for entrepreneurs.

"in less than 24 hours, it is the second speed." December 11th at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a sum of $70 thousand from the Suining city commercial bank loans to Zhang Xin Zhang’s account, so that the chairman of the board of the year of 21 excited.

in Suining rural areas, "pocketbook" is also looking for those entrepreneurs in agriculture.

"traditional farming slow, but I firmly believe that the ideal will be realized in this landscape." On December 3rd, the day the rain stop, standing in the Suining township of Xining muddy ridge, a 52 year old entrepreneur Liao Yong and explain our natural farming concept, only to retain Suining branch banking and postal savings banks, rural credit cooperatives, and the finance office for him to carry the "money bag".

How to balance

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