Tianjin hi tech Zone to speed up the development of innovation and Entrepreneurship

business has become a pressing matter in today’s society, at the same time, all are seeking ways to promote entrepreneurial activities, the Tianjin high tech Zone, which is an innovative initiatives for local entrepreneurs is a kind of help.

"in the high-tech zone, we encourage" not relying on luck overnight ”, but ‘dream’ with technology and creativity to make the world a better place "" entrepreneurial dream "". Nie Weixun said that the main idea of High-tech Zone, innovation and entrepreneurship as a service, the government must be rushed in the front line, give support, make up the deficiency of market mechanism, let the market resources targeted by the innovation chain around the chain, integration of resources, allocation policy chain, to build the industrial chain system, upgrade innovation vector construction and ecological system the form can be copied to the experience of Tianjin and Tianjin model promotion.

initiatives also pay more attention to the openness, the core area will not only applicable to the high-tech zone, and will be in line with the principle of openness, extended to the Nankai Technology Park, Wuqing Technology Park, Beichen science and Technology Park three areas of radiation. In addition, initiatives also pay more attention to the system, convenience, practicality.

now in many city in entrepreneurial innovation, encourage people at the same time, some people continue to build suitable innovation platform, also played a very good effect, to attract a lot of people come.


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