Business should pay attention to integrity

based, stands in the world to the letter, many people understand this truth, but whether it is the person, or do business in practical matters, many people have forgotten. Honesty is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and is an essential quality of all people. For our operators, the integrity is the operating principle must be advocated, the monument is not as good as gold monument monument! Businesses only good faith management, so that consumers feel at ease in order to win the market in the competition." Integrity and the development of the shops are closely related, and even can be said that the integrity of the lifeblood of business people. Integrity is the foundation of the people, but also the foundation of entrepreneurship. Do not abide by good faith, or to win the profits of the moment, but it will lose long-term benefits.

my friend started a car repair service. One day, a customer walked into his garage, claiming to be the driver of a transportation company. "Write more on my bill, and I’ll give you a benefit when I go back to the company." He said to my friend. But the friend refused the request. Customer entanglement said: "my business is not small, will often come, you will be able to make a lot of money!" The friend told him that it would not be done anyway.

customer angrily shouted: "when this thing everyone will do, I think you are too stupid." There was a fire in the friend, asking the customer to leave at once and go elsewhere to talk about the business. At this time, the customer smile full of admiration and hold the owner’s hand: "I am the transportation company boss, I have been looking for a fixed, trusted repair shops, so you talk about credibility, I need to go somewhere else to talk about the deal?"

the face of temptation, don’t resist, not for their confusion, although plain plain clouds, like water, but let people enjoy a high mountains and deep sea. This is a flash of character – integrity.

my store is located in the suburbs. One morning last winter, a young man to my shop to two cigarettes and two boxes of drinks, seems to do what, because the customer more, he was in a hurry, change when I was little, find people 20 yuan of money, so I ran out, they had been driven away. I kept thinking about it until the night closed. Finally, my husband reminded me, let me recall the young man’s dress, accent, and so on, which makes me think: this young man looks like more than and 30 years old, speak faster, like the south.

because of the age, I’m afraid to remember, they quickly find a pen to think of these records down, I hope one day I can meet this young man, good money back to others. A week later, the young man came to my shop again to buy things. As soon as the young man entered the room, my husband recognized it at once. When we put the last thing, and put 20 yuan back to him, he was very moved.

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