Methods using derivative classification information network people

often have some friends asked me, what are the derivative method with? I usually tell them directly to Baidu search on the line, after all, what can be found in Baidu. This is to answer, because I feel active with derivative not much effect, too tired. Today to share a derivative by category information network with passive method.


micro business people divided into two cases, one is the others add you, one is you with others. If you add it very hard, I don’t recommend using this method. I suggest that you use the method of passive people, also is to let others with you.

said the micro business people, we have to talk about what is the derivative. There is a kind of derivative is those who use WeChat sellers circle of friends, we call micro business. That is to say, micro business with WeChat refers to the majority of people, but there are also added to the QQ.

Whether you are using WeChat

or QQ people, people, as long as you are using the mobile Internet to sell the goods, we are also called micro business. There are a lot of people taking micro method, today mainly to share a classified information network with the use case.

yesterday I had nothing to stroll around the people network, people network is a well-known classification information network. However, when I read through the dating information, accidentally discovered that some dating information is in to the micro business people, as follows:


we look at the above picture, from the surface, you see this is just a girl’s dating information, after opening the information can not see anything, just an introduction, leaving a micro signal, as follows:


at this time, if you think this is a dating information, some boys will come up with WeChat plus her micro signal, but added a look at WeChat will know that she is doing micro business. Her signature WeChat said, may not be online during the day, you can leave a message, as follows:


well, this article Shao Lianhu to introduce here. I see dozens of dating information, found that most of them are really making friends, do business with micro minority in disguise, and some friends directly in the category release of product promotion, there is a part in the promotion of local micro signal information promotion.

for the use of this method to the classification of information network micro business people, you have to know your users are male or female, or else you add more people what is the significance? I’ll give you advice, don’t leave a bit of advertising information in WeChat, and others are added after the occasional ad points.

do you want to think about what people do you want to make friends, but one plus your WeChat found that you are doing micro business, they see after feeling cheated

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