How to become a rich man 20 ways not to know

by a variety of phenomena show stimulation, many people have to become rich ideas, rich means you can spend money, think it is beautiful, isn’t it? So how to become rich? 20 methods must not know, come and see.

1, do what you are really interested in – you will spend a lot of time on it, so you must be interested in it, if not, you do not want to spend time on it, you will not be successful.

2, his own boss. Work for others, you will never become wealthy boss, undivided attention to cut spending, his goal is not to make his staff to become rich.

3, to provide a useful service, or an actual product. Your chances of becoming a millionaire by writing, painting, or composing can be said to be infinitely small, and you have a great chance of making big money in construction, real estate, and manufacturing. Remember, publishers earn much more money than writer.

4, if you insist on using their own inspiration to start a business, it is best to choose the entertainment industry, in this regard, the pace of wealth is quite fast, the best pop songs and television.

5, whether you are an actor or a businessman, try to increase your audience. People who sing in a small coffee shop can’t earn as much money as a record label for a major record label. A local businessman will not make more money than a national businessman.

6, find a need, and then meet it. Society is becoming more and more complex, people need more and more products and services, the first to find these needs and meet them, is to improve existing products and services, but also the first to become rich.

7, do not dare to adopt a different approach – new methods and new products, will create new wealth. But you have to make sure your new approach is better than the old one, and your new approach must enhance product appearance, efficiency, quality, convenience or cost reduction.

8, if you have a professional education, or have a special talent, make full use of it. If you are a good cook, but when the Mason has to go, it would be too stupid.

9, before you start anything, do a careful study of the situation around you. Government agencies and public libraries, can provide a lot of information, do research, you can save a lot of time and money.

10, do not always think about fortune, as you think about how to improve your career, you should always ask yourself: "how can I improve my career?" how to make career smoothly, and wealth will follow.

11, if possible, a family business, this method can reduce the cost, increase morale, profit distribution is very simple, profits can be fully utilized, the whole business is also easier to control.

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