Gansu Agricultural University nnovation nstitute officially inaugurated

although the state has introduced a variety of laws and regulations to encourage college students to start a business, however, due to the lack of relevant experience and knowledge of college students, leading to the success of the case is very small. To this end, all universities now provide innovative entrepreneurship education courses. The Gansu Agricultural University has also set up a school of innovation and entrepreneurship, will allow more students to take the road to success.

recently, Gansu Agricultural University Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship unveiling ceremony held at the school, and presented letters of appointment to the first batch of innovative business mentor. At the same time, the college students entrepreneurial team, wheat home and the company signed a cooperation agreement in Gansu province venture.

it is understood that this is the first college of innovation and entrepreneurship in Gansu province colleges and universities, will carry out comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship education and practice. The dean of the school of Gansu Agricultural University Bi Yang said that in January this year, first in Gansu province to set up innovative college, because the school to see the trend of national public entrepreneurship, innovation ", hope to get more policy support. In addition, the University of the early stage of research and training programs and organized a variety of entrepreneurial societies, but also for the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship college has laid a good foundation.

with the establishment of such a school, I believe the students can give more of Gansu Agricultural University to provide high-quality service innovation and entrepreneurship, to help more students to venture onto the road, to promote better development of entrepreneurship in Gansu province.

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