Entrepreneurs do not have to set the industry to find a store

in the eyes of many people, the business must first set a good industry, planning, and then go to the store. Indeed, usually we are doing so, the relationship between pavement and business sectors, like the relationship between "fish" and "water", everyone will think of the first "water", "fish to". In fact, businesses do not have to set the industry to find a store.

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this problem is the first set of industry or the first to find the pavement. There are two ways, one is to design an overall blueprint for the future of the shop, to meet the requirements of the pavement; the two is the first to find the pavement and pavement according to the actual situation to the planning industry.

the preliminary design of the industry, of course, should be what you want. Many people hold this idea to the pavement, the result is quite passive.

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