Harbin will build 300 employment and entrepreneurship training base

to support all kinds of college graduates successfully carry out entrepreneurial activities, the Harbin municipal government announced the construction of 300 employment and entrepreneurship training base in the next 3 years, and give the corresponding preferential tax relief and loan support, further reducing the threshold for entrepreneurship.

clear program within 3 years, Harbin will build 300 college students employment and entrepreneurship training base. For college students to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, you can enjoy the four cards in one, one by one, the registration policy and related tax relief policy. Excellent and key entrepreneurial projects were given 30 thousand yuan, $50 thousand funding. For outstanding and key science and Technology entrepreneurial projects, given 200 thousand yuan to $300 thousand funding.

than tax credit policy, in the base of entrepreneurship in every culture personality and innovation consciousness of students is more important for students to self, multiple choice way to success, to avoid the path of entrepreneurship fits, achieve all-round development.

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