Drops on the bus line with the user experience 1 cents Shenzhen bus

taxi drops has now become a very popular taxi service, and in many countries in our city has a kind of service, so that recently, in Shenzhen on a new line of business that drops a bus.

It is reported that the current

, the bus has begun beta drops in its official WeChat platform, the user can through the bit line regional bus "has covered the official WeChat search. According to the official WeChat content display, drops of buses in Shenzhen coverage area including: Science and Technology Park, exhibition center, Che Kung Temple, Baoan, Buji, Bai Shizhou, sand and other areas.

officially launched on Sept. 16, the user can focus on "bit bus" WeChat public number, and directly select the line ticket ride in WeChat public number. At present, the overall price drops from 7 yuan to $13. The first week on the line, the bus will also launch 1 Penny experience. July 16th to 23, Shenzhen, all users to take the bus drops as long as 1 cents.

to carry out such a bus drops and business activities in Chongqing, not only provides great convenience for the residents, but also will promote the development of the whole bit bus business and continue to grow.


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