What is the correct way to name the Taobao store

to the shop on a good name is about the method, for countless investors, only the real grasp of the relevant methods, will let the name of the work becomes more smoothly. So what is the right way to name the Taobao store? Let Xiaobian for you to do a simple analysis.

online shop, how to shop to take a good, will be more likely to be buyers also remember that stores will bring a prosperous business name? This will allow the seller to feel very upset, feel good and be occupied, some rules are not allowed. So sometimes, a good shop name is very important to the shop, but also to bring a different impact on the shop.

so, sellers should be based on their own store goods to take a good name? We come together to understand some of the skills and points on the shop named:

Taobao shop is the best name is based on the characteristics of the baby to take, can cover a certain content of the store, so that buyers have a look to know what is the scope of the store. There is a description of the characteristics of the baby, coupled with keywords, easy buyers search.

Taobao also must have a unique name to avoid confusion with some brand names. The name of the novel is a fresh, swim, but must have the concept of innovation.

in fact, to the store to get a good name is equivalent to a form of publicity, although not direct publicity, but also to bring a lot of benefits to the shop. So, no matter what the shop is selling goods, try to use some can reflect the characteristics of the goods, the best is the more the better, because buyers are looking for ways to search for goods.

a good Taobao shop name, not only can increase sales, traffic. Choose a good name to be used all the time, more conducive to establish their own brand.

new store who want to get a good name, a lot of comparison, but also summed up some experience; for example, if you buy clothes, you look at the clothes you sell for the customer base, selling men’s or women’s clothing.


is small, for the young white-collar workers can call: this coat (only a homonym); Yiyibushe (homophonic name chic, reluctant to part) easy to remember.

If the

is selling foreign to domestic sales or the owner directly from abroad back to the best clothes, take related to export trade names such as the line ah (to show your clothing store grades can).

if the students will be straightforward: the popular front, the star wardrobe (are loved by students).


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