Learn these four strokes easily identify the trap

is called: what a big bird in the woods. With the investment market opening, all joined the scam began to appear, swindlers technology and means is not immutable and frozen, the implementation of the device is also changing the pattern of children, because their tricks will keep pace with the times. How to avoid these traps, minimize the risks and losses?

1, learn to recognize face   do not recognize brand

if you see in different locations in the same group of people, or are you playing different brands of telephone, heard the same voice, it would have to be vigilant, this may be the original crooks scam exposed, no way to continue to do so, we can only change vest continue to defraud. When you found this situation, do not believe them about "job hopping" or "agent multiple brands" interpretation, is the right way to get out early.

2, pay attention to authority   avoid credulity

here said the "authority" is not claimed in the advertisement "by the quality inspection department certification", or a website ranking, do not believe that the so-called experts recommend, but do not believe the   "the famous university, a research institute" of the title, and should make use of these manufacturers no direct interest and real authority news.

3, a multi pronged   use


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