New Year approaching the shop safety precautions which

every year, the year is shop business is hot time, the best time is traders make money. At this point, the major shops are naturally ready to work. In short, the year is approaching, all businesses will enter the sales season. In today’s information era, in order to improve the level of sales, many businesses have resorted to all kinds of information transmission through the exhaust all the skills, tools, more product information and product promotion propaganda, achieved good results.

, however, is more in the sales season is more to pay attention to security, anti fraud, robbery and other security issues, otherwise, it may be due to negligence, causing unnecessary economic losses. In order to let everyone raise vigilance, strengthen prevention, prevent theft, robbery, fraud prevention act, the following safety measures, for reference:

pay attention to prevent the use of hacking QQ con

some criminals, playing the idea to defraud businesses use QQ, make some stores in is impossible to guard against fraud. For example, a store owner found his usual service customer manager to give him a message on the Internet, said recently online payment problems, let him put the money order to another account, because the customer service manager is usually very sincere in place, the store will not think, put the money directly to the on the card, until the customer manager called me and said his QQ number was hacking, let him pay attention to prevent deception when he found himself cheated.

encounter this kind of situation, must be vigilant, call each other and I confirm, not anxious, not to be fooled……

should pay attention to prevent the use of regular telephone fraud

As the saying goes, "

is a good friend". Is because of this sentence, now using the effect of deception liar acquaintance means more and more clever. Not long ago, the owner is a don’t usually watch shop to see wife shop, suddenly came a "acquaintance", claiming to be the owner of the old friend, that is to extend credit to three Chinese smoke, the wife listens to the friend’s name is very familiar with, because her husband often mention the person’s name, it warmly owe to him.

he husband back, the man’s name and image of a comparison, there is not a person, it is that people do not know the husband friends through what way, the effect of the cheating acquaintance. Learned that this situation, the owner’s wife remorse, but it was too late to regret that did not make a phone call to her husband, so that her husband to confirm, so that their own suffered a loss of thousands of dollars.

pay attention to prevent the use of double acting con

close to the national highway, or traffic is more convenient business, we must pay attention to

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