Entrepreneurs should abandon the idea of a can not lose

we are certainly hope entrepreneurs are looking for a Everything is going smoothly., can not lose the project, in fact, can not lose the idea itself is a risk, the market is not absolutely can not lose the project, so if you want to success, you must abandon the idea of a can not lose.

the same, 7.8 earthquake rescue display skills to the full in Nepal in Shenzhen Dajiang UAVs, had "China made" make the world find everything fresh and new. However, Xinjiang founder Wang Tao in the dream, also suffered a defeat, the most difficult period can only rely on the scholarship to the university to engage in research and development. But he firmly believes that just want to succeed is not a dream, and finally led to the success of the mistakes and failures from the success of today".

about the goals and the reality gap, there was a story. The student asked the master: "I look at the bottom to the top of the mountain is about 500 meters, but after the top two more than 500 meters of feeling, it is inaccurate?" The master said: "you are not allowed to see the visual, but the eyes and feet to the target with different goals. Seeing is a straight line, the foot is a curve or detour." Innovation and entrepreneurship is also the case, the established goals may not seem too far away, but after doing it often feel twice as long as the curve or detour inevitable. At this time, you need less can not lose consciousness, it helps people learn from the "lost", "earned" success. Otherwise, it is likely that a "lost" sluggish, come to naught.

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