2016 Spring Festival recommended entrepreneurs to read a few books

New Year’s holiday, entrepreneurs do not forget to use leisure time to enrich themselves. Here a 2016 new year reading startups list, help the majority of entrepreneurs to sort out their own ideas.


this book list in the pure inspirational class, mostly introduce experience and strategy, involving the entrepreneurship preparation and entrepreneurship early after the management, marketing and other aspects, there is always a tough but practical, this you can use it. "Books never give answers, but thinking and imagination can." I hope to start a new venture or have joined the entrepreneurial army friends a little inspiration and help.

: before the start of inspiration and inspiration

"a book, a person who changed my life, which makes the first grade when I was in college, we want to build a world-class company." Lei Jun said, it was a 80s, "the fire of Silicon Valley", printed very rough, translation is not the same as today, but I am not excited to see." As the "Silicon Valley fire" bring enlightenment that Lei Jun has a book, perhaps can bring some inspiration for your business.

1.; Founders  at  Work; by    Jessica  livingston

"entrepreneurs"   Author: Jessica · Livingston

book from the interview, the 32 IT industry entrepreneurs including Apple,   Gmail,   Hotmail,   TiVo,   Flickr,   Lotus  Yahoo and   the company and other well-known companies, the theme of the early start of the people and things. These interviews are not only a true representation of the entrepreneurs mentality, but also quite interesting:   32 entrepreneurs, 32 stories, each story behind embodies an entrepreneurial team’s sweat and wisdom. For the dream of business people, this book is a must read, can be recommended

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