80 girls Ge Xiaoxue business succulents get considerable income

suddenly, succulent plants in the market began to hot up, this business people have gained more and more success. Among the numerous operators, there are many young people. Among them, the 80 girls Ge Xiaoxue is one of the operators, and also received a great success in the career oh.

Home Development Zone in Haian County of Nantong City, 80 girls Ge Xiaoxue, since childhood love flowers, see a lot of meat plant with the market value, she contracted several greenhouses in the front room, when the special cultivation succulents "flower people", and the meat toot, Meng Meng reposed Ge Xiaoxue entrepreneurial dreams.

also known as "succulent pulp plants, these plants are mostly due to growth in the desert, long time not to absorb water, so they need to root, stem or leaf parenchyma has developed for water storage, so they will become succulent in appearance, looks particularly lovely. Succulents lovely appearance, without frequent watering, easy to survive, so to win a lot of young people of all ages."

mentioned the first contact succulents, Ge Xiaoxue said: "this is mainly due to the mother." The first sight is fleshy orchid, Ge Xiaoxue leaves adorable meat toot over. Ge Xiaoxue played this game for five or six years, she found that the color of the plant is really like her mother said, each season is not the same, some flower can give birth to five or six colors.

as the saying goes, interest is the best teacher. In 2009, Ge Xiaoxue began planting meaty in their sun room, she has invested twenty thousand yuan, the purchase of 100 kinds of meat varieties, some varieties of price can reach thousands of dollars.


while she is ambitious, reality had a joke with her, due to lack of experience in management of frequent errors. "Summer days so hot, plants and people like ah, but also to drink water, I took it for granted that they poured a lot of water, the results of a loss, the loss of a few thousand dollars." Ge Xiaoxue said regretfully.

at that time, she was very worried, not a little experience she had to read and search through the Internet to slowly explore. "I have the time, go to a friend and" fleshy "group for advice, will be all over the country ‘meat’ base study."

just a year’s time, Ge Xiaoxue from the "meat" becomes a semi absolutely ignorant of meaty experts. "For example, I saw that the plant was not in good shape today, so I went to look at the habits of the plant and then took care of it." Now, each strain of meaty greenhouses in the habits of Ge Xiaoxue have clearly, which need direct sunlight, which is love cool, which should be watered more, which is a love of drought, are recommended

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