Home textile stores four key points to keep in mind

home textile products is an indispensable part of life, the market demand for home textile products, investment in home textile stores are very promising. Recently, a lot of friends in the small series, home textile stores how to choose? Home textile stores location, the first to determine their own consumer groups who are? His main job is what grades of home textile products, such as: low, medium and high grade.

1, large traffic.


2, with the well-known stores or shopping malls nearby.

consumers frequented places, such as the popular busy shopping malls, clothing city, etc..

3, use the "get together" effect.

If textile products store products have obvious advantages, project characteristics, competitive strength, so the position can be considered similar to the "street" so that the relative concentration of the local.

4, select "low density" area.

The characteristics of

if there is no obvious textile products store products or business experience is not rich enough, you can avoid competition to select jewelry store "low density".


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