From the bike to the BMW emperor brother grass root male successful counter attack

since our country reforming and opening, there are countless people walking on the road to get rich through entrepreneurship, some people succeed, at the same time, behind their success also contains many hardships, entrepreneurial spirit is worth learning.

now has millions worth of Zhang Qun, is the last century 00’s to start empty-handed generation in Shenzhen. Ten years later, Zhang Qungang came to Shenzhen dwelling hillside, has long been the skyscrapers, he also from the rural poor man of the year, a net worth of millions with the boss. When his car — old bike, a jingle also became the latest Conditions are becoming better and better., the BMW seven series. Nevertheless, mention the old bike that year, Zhang Qun still deep memory.

in his hometown of Shenzhen that is rapid development, business opportunities everywhere, very good business, he did in his hometown of Shenzhen fruit reselling, decided to start afresh, there is always a successful day. To the second day of Shenzhen at about 5 in the morning, he stepped on the bike for about three hours, went to Nantou to take the banana to the people’s bridge small commodity market. "Every time I was carrying 100 to 200 pounds of bananas, however, a lot of bananas in Shenzhen are ripe for medication, can not wait for the next two days will be broken. Originally due to not understand the market, almost every day there are many bananas sold rotten. I can’t eat, throw away and love dearly." Recall the difficult day when I first came to Shenzhen, Zhang Qun is still fresh.

down for a month, selling fruit income per day only a few dollars, just enough to pay the rent, even the life is a problem, more do not talk about money to build a house. Bring their own capital not only did not increase, but There is not much left. And later, Zhang Qun had every morning to the company store, he eventually found a job, the handyman job in a glass shop. Although the work is hard and tired, but also sent to sell products, but a group of thought, as long as there is a pot of gold on the line, he had to give up on their own dreams never.

after the early accumulation of capital, earn some money for the Zhang Qun project at work everywhere. Have several years of experience, coupled with the Quartet, inquire about the Internet search, a group chose the new KBA decorative art glass industry leaders. In the current decoration market, art glass with its unique style, good market response, is a hot money making projects. Soon the group began to expand a business in their own will become millionaires, he still decided to take the money to invest, so he became a boss has a number of stores, began his road nuggets.

asked about the success of Zhang’s group, Zhang Qun said: "there’s no point in my success." Later, he immediately added, but there is one point, the election of the industry, the selection of new KBA is a necessary factor for his success."

in fact, everyone says everything is hard in the beginning, the recommended

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