A good name can be catchy

if a name read a very awkward, read do not read, this shop will only by virtue of a novelty shop to attract customers, so that consumers feel warm, even do not know what is in the end of the store business. In fact, as a shrewd operator, how to find their own shops selling points is a worthy of study. Selling not only refers to the goods that you store layout, location, there is a loud good name. Through these selling points to sell their products to attract customers to spend. This approach will be conducive to the stable development of shops.

is now widely known as the "Coca-Cola" brand has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but we certainly do not know Coca-Cola is not the first time the name of the.

first name is called "thirsty mouth wax", the four elements of transliteration of the name is not consistent with the way: image, interest, remember, rhythm. If the name of a negative effect, operating performance has been dismal, hung his name.


, after the recommendations of professionals, they put thirsty mouth wax to the current Coca-Cola". To most people the name is quite festive. Can not only highlight the characteristics of the product, but also in the subjective sense of a psychological hint to consumers, that is, drink this drink, will naturally feel happy.

the same thing, because the name of the good or bad will often give people a different impression, the treatment is also different. Shakespeare said: a rose, even with a different name, it will not change the charming fragrance. The emperor’s daughter is not worried about the time has passed. As in the shortest possible time to sell themselves out is particularly important. A good name is a good springboard.

business revelation: take the name to catchy

Take the

1. name with homophonic. The use of homophonic to shop name is a common means of us. But at the same time we should also pay attention to the use of homophonic possible problems. For example, Coca-Cola’s original name, because use homophonic words inadvertently lead to a damage to the brand image. If you get good, then you can leave a deep impression.


2. name must match with the nature of their business. A good name is a kind of three-dimensional represents a business is the taste of the external image of the business. If you want to let others first glance to see your business content, then take a name each other is very important. Especially for the newly opened stores, because the propaganda range also has limitations, so this time with one’s own shop can match the name >

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