nvestigation and analysis skills of hot pot franchise

would like to open a hot pot franchise, it is necessary to do a good job of preparation, which is very important to the market research. The hot pot is the source of the store is an important basis for the operation of the store, then, the hot pot of the investigation of how to do? Specific to investigate what aspects? Let’s take a look.

Analysis of

1, service object analysis:

(1), occupation characteristics of consumer: general students, migrant workers, ordinary working-class, and senior white-collar workers, civil servants, their consumption habits and consumption level is different;

(2), the age characteristics of consumers: such as the elderly love light, the preference of young people taste heavy flavor thick and so on;

(3), gender characteristics of consumers: women and men tend to have certain difference for Hot pot pot of goods, weight, food taste type etc.;

(4), regional and national characteristics of consumers: people from different regions and different ethnic Hot pot pot of goods required for thousands of poor million different, should be distinguished.

2, consumer behavior analysis:

(1), there is a direct relationship between the level of consumption and consumer affordability, reflects the customer to pay the payment for power and force to meet the demand, direct performance for customers to choose the grade and type Hot pot shop;

(2), the consumption structure is the customer the proportion of consumer spending, are closely related to their expenditure and occupation, age, gender, ethnic and other factors;

(3), consumption of individual, family and business groups, etc., different consumption patterns in the choice of varieties and grades are different from each other;

(4), reflected in the formation of consumption habits, dining environment, atmosphere, brand, style, economic and other aspects of the habit.

3, customer consumption characteristics analysis:

(1), uncertainty: most of the customers are mobile, a small part is determined, so the location should be reasonable.

(2), random customer number, the big difference is selective for Hot pot consumption, so to grasp the dynamic development of Hot pot, timely adjust the taste, improvement and innovation.

(3), flexibility: This is decided by the success of the brand, customer dining frequency and return rate as the symbol.

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