2016 nternet plus Longyan economic salon spring Symposium ended

with the rapid development of the Internet economy, China’s two or three cities and towns ushered in a new development opportunities. A group of Longyan based Internet entrepreneurs gathered recently to explore how to use the Internet to develop the economy of Longyan.

"Longyan change rapidly, Longyan’s Internet Xian more and more," circle of friends "is more and more big, the electricity supplier industry rapid development momentum." 10, in the 2016 Internet plus spring salon Longyan Economic Forum, U.S. mission network founder Wang Xingshen said with feeling.

"Internet plus Longyan economy this theme is very appropriate. But how to add? Add what? Which industry or industry which is added? This is a topic worthy of discussion, we are thinking of Internet plus idle away in seeking pleasure and beauty group……" Wang Xing said, get applause, big coffee are you made me a warm discussion and exchange.

"I am from the implementation of the Xiamen Bao Technology Co. company chairman Zhang Juanjuan, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, great changes have taken place in our work and life, Baidu link people and information, people and goods linked with Taobao, WeChat links with people," implement "link people and tasks. In the new year, the implementation will further promote the marketing and consulting team building, to help entrepreneurs in Longyan."


"last year’s Mid Autumn Festival, a gathering of Longyan province Internet elite, the achievements of several large projects in electricity supplier industry. This space is your home, we often want to sit home, share and exchange, the electricity supplier in Longyan ‘circle of friends’ bigger and stronger." City electricity supplier association president Chen Yongyang said.

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