Environmental protection shops should pay attention to what

for environmental protection shops located, there are many entrepreneurs should pay attention to things, the location is very important, it is almost as everyone knows things, in fact, influence and appreciation of the value of the proceeds shops rent receipts are many, some are presented in this paper.

"visible" factor: shops "visibility" means a creative architects in the design, to enable the largest possible number of shops in the plane, face very easily within the consumer to see.

parking conditions: specifically is the car parking lot. Emphasis on the importance of parking conditions, the momentum of China’s strong economic growth.

Scientific planning and design

: the need for planning and design must reflect the market function. Generally, developers need to adjust the planning and design of the project from the perspective of the market.


The operating characteristics of

the surrounding real estate development trends: enhance the value of shops is a dynamic process, the situation and the trend of the development of the real estate surrounding shops to the core effect on shops value.

location is very important, in fact, every entrepreneur should pay attention to environmental protection, the location of shops should pay attention to what? In this paper, we should pay attention to the aspects of the analysis, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the actual situation to consider.

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