Doing business needs to treat customers like that

although many shopkeepers usually are aware of the need to respect the customers need to take the customer as the "God" to treat, however, once the conflict with the customer service attitude, not to make the customer satisfied, even abusive customers. So, if you want a good business, want to keep their business has been maintained, you need to treat the customer as such.

A few days ago to

County East market, the author found a shopkeeper with customer quarrel scene. What happened has been in sight: a customer to the store shopping, bought a big bag of food, carrying convenient bags to go, suddenly burst from the bottom, goods scattered on the ground, including two bag waffles, customers think waffles are fragile food, fell to the ground will be broken that requires two change package. The shopkeeper gave a pack of supposedly died this matter. But the owner is not to say that the fall is not bad, his mouth is defended, a face is not happy or to change a bag, obviously no customer shopping pleasure.

when the customer holding a bag of goods to go, right arm sleeve on a nail on the nail on the door frame, the customer did not pay attention, pulled the sleeves torn a "d" word of mouth. The customer is very distressed clothes, began to complain about the owner. The owner of the customer requirements for wafer just yet not angry brood on, saying "you don’t watch it, came in how not to?"

customers didn’t require the owner to pay for the clothes, but it is difficult to accept her attitude, then two people quarrel, when the last customer he said "what attitude? Don’t come here to buy any more".

customer facing away in anger, the shopkeeper answered not to regard it as right, directly: "rest assured, you don’t come I will not shut the door!". Read the whole thing, my attitude to the owner has something to say, if the customer home and tell your friends and relatives this matter, not to the store shopping, the loss is not a customer, there may be 10, there may be 20.

said that the customer is God, the word for the owner but the real implementation of All the world knows., it is very difficult to. Take the customer seriously, not just an oral language, but to use the truth with wisdom to put into action. Remember that there is a witty joke is very philosophical: marriage to be long, it is necessary to follow the two, the first wife is always right; the second, if the wife is wrong, please follow the first article.

cited in terms of business to be prosperous, but also to follow the two, the first customer is always right. Second, even if the customer is wrong, please refer to the first. If every owner follows this principle, your shop is not difficult to fire. Although some customers really very difficult, but the owner can not keep the excuse, not angry, not to quarrel, give a smile, I believe that will affect.

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