Sales staff should treat all customers equally

you should be able to feel it, some shopping malls inside the shop, face different customers will have different attitude, make people uncomfortable, we have gone to the major shopping malls, was confronted with a different sales staff, obvious colored eyes make many people feel uncomfortable. In fact, the day of shopping in the clothes is not able to represent the economic ability of the person, if you really want to shop business is hot, naturally need to treat all customers equally.

if you go to the mall to buy things, do not dress up is not good. Because the counter attendant look very sharp, if you are wearing a gorgeous, even if not to buy things that is distinguished; if you wear some ordinary, luxury counters will be on your low look, because you do not conform to their standards "shopping". Shop than shopping malls, should be treated equally, away over the eyes of the people, the development of equal hospitality will make you a better shop.

door are guest

first, we must firmly believe that the door is the guest. Even if you think that does not meet our standards of consumption, as well as the general customers.

"the count of Monte Cristo", when the count had just come out from the island of Monte Cristo, first to the town barber, then spent 14 years in hell count and go for a few days, the body is tattered clothes, like a beggar, and the barber who still eager to serve the count, the count in the a very valuable beads do return: here is not to say that we should hold a chance to do business, those who seem insignificant is not necessarily a millionaire, would open the door to do business with, you should not favour one more than another man tainted glasses.

and some people are quite low-key, wearing ordinary and not, if offended, will it be like in the drama, dignity, bow and scrape to sweep the floor side pumped his mouth, while said to him "villain entertain an angel unawares, uncle!"

no matter what the sale, to be in an invincible position, "fair trade" is the most basic, have a forgiving heart is the most important. There is a typical example, there is a small shop there is no business for a long time, then saw a man came in, the owner is very hospitable to greet the road, a word "welcome, what do you need to see?"

came in embarrassed and replied, "i…… Looking for the bathroom……" The smile without a cut, very warm very specifically told her: "you go right there is a small door, turn it." When the man left, did not forget to add a sentence: "welcome to you next time!" Two minutes later, the guest appeared again in the store and bought a lot of things.

recommended to be neither humble nor pushy.

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