2012 what is the money making industry

in 2012 what do vigorous spirit of the aged, good money? What the industry is still the most awesome most profits? Then we might choose some of the most common in the industry, although the market competition is big, but the profit is the most lucrative.

A, the cosmetics industry is still awesome.

the personal profit of cleaning chemicals, the most horrible. To toothpaste, for example, one of the most expensive ingredients – blowing agent cost is only 600 yuan / ton or even lower, and this is the full amount of the foaming agent filled with   the maximum number of 180 grams of toothpaste. Domestic low-end products do not forget, even with silicon abrasive Crest, 180 grams of retail price of about $13, the market can only sell a lot of money, do not say, wash your hair, and more terrible than this?.

two, the beverage industry profits outrageous.

As of 2012 ten

three, the cosmetics industry to make money too easy for women.


four, the drug industry do not want to make hard.

2012 ten profiteering drug industry profits we know. What do you do to make money in 2012, in the eyes of ordinary people, the drug should be the highest profit. But that’s not the case. When Jinliufu does not sell, Wuliangye can register a gold Qifu brand continues to sell before the wine, but drugs can not. The new drug is a new drug, I have not heard of Maddie after the elimination of a name to continue to sell.

five, the health care industry on the upgrade.

2012 what to do to make money no matter what kind of join, as long as the careful analysis of the right to operate, 2012 you are the next winner!

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