How to establish a good reputation of community stores

open a community store, due to the proximity of the community, although the scale is not large, but the traffic has a certain guarantee, as long as the word of mouth is good, business is actually not to worry about. However, how to establish a good reputation, which plagued many operators. So, how to establish a good community store reputation?

is located in the vicinity of the residents of the grocery store, convenience store with its convenience, economy, fast and other characteristics of consumers. But because of the limitation of objective conditions, the community store cannot be compared with shopping malls, supermarkets, such as the lack of mode of operation, it is possible to miss opportunities, resulting in the loss of customers. How to open a community store? Establish a good reputation in the business area is the top priority of this kind of micro shop. Of course, the establishment of word of mouth is not the effort, but in the daily operation of the cornerstone of the drop in the foundation.

store environment to pursue a clean and comfortable. Operators of community shops to be diligent in pack, store health. Only counters, shelves, goods appear neat and organized, give people a sense of comfort, will give customers a good impression, the customer is willing to often come to buy goods.

Lin boss’s grocery store opened in the Fuzhou Drum Tower an old community, operating area of only 9 square meters, the decoration is also very common, but his guests said, into the store a kind of relaxation or even enjoy the feeling. In this regard, Lin boss said, what he will do, but every morning cleaning and organizing work, to store all kinds of goods and closets, with bright windows and clean tables, clean container. Usually the old customers and friends love to shop to sit, chatting, not only bring popularity, virtually also pull the cigarette consumption.

Chen lieli for striking characteristics of cigarette. The general store is open in a residential area of the main road or the gate of the community, is a necessary basic place of residents, the cigarette counters, shelves for road, display and scientific, neat, eye-catching, characteristic of cigarette, can attract people’s attention, stimulate consumer desire to buy.

Jinan District Summer boss attaches great importance to work on display. He will always store goods according to tobacco, wine, tea, handicrafts display be arranged reasonable, and placed well-proportioned, stereo vision; in order to attract the past, he will homemade high-grade cigarette display cabinets placed in the shop at the entrance, still shop to put some stones, just perfect root and a variety of exquisite tea etc. elegant, while for the customer appreciation, seductive.

personalized service as close as possible. Community shops are generally in the traffic arteries on the edge, usually in front of the store can make use of this condition, People are hurrying to and fro., in front of the store for the appropriate place on the table and a few stools, which facilitates the pedestrian Xiejiao chat, but also facilitate the operators of the pedestrian cigarette recommended. The boss is the practice, in the store at any time to prepare a few chess, poker, for the nearby residents free of charge, so he shop >

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