Four college students venture stumbling block

now more and more entrepreneurs in the ranks of college students to see the figure. Entrepreneurship is not what fresh vocabulary, but compared to college students and the community, businesses still exist many difficulties, often encounter four major stumbling block in the process of entrepreneurship, let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

"the entrepreneurial success rate is only 0.01%!" Before the occupation development forum held in Guangzhou undergraduate universities, Horizon Research Consultancy Group Chairman Yuan Yuekou the remark.

accordingly, city times of the Kunming students’ survey". We found that college students or just out of college students, who have had entrepreneurial or entrepreneurial impulse less than 15%. Start the source of funds, the actual operation of the experience or the choice of the industry, they are troubled by the problem.

difficult one: start-up capital

"difficult", many students entrepreneurs have described their careers. "There is no special low interest loans."

Several college students

two difficulties: industry selection

three difficulties: no experience without reference to

"difficult to prepare." Many of the students who failed to start their own entrepreneurial path. Yes, there is no experience worth learning. They can only see the dawn of entrepreneurship, but can not see the direction. Just.

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