Diligent can save a lot of electricity to store

although the competition is fierce in the retail industry, however, as long as the door to open the business will have a variety of losses, especially in the winter and summer when the air conditioner is on. The arrival of summer, many in the retail business friends laugh, ready to make a big fight, make more money. Because summer drinks, ice cream, beer sales very fast. However, with the rise of temperature, water and electricity costs, watching increasingly high electricity costs, we do not seem to laugh. If so, not much difference between expenditure and profit, we have done the necessary? The answer must be negative.

don’t know your bill? No? Well, in my shop as an example, let’s count an account: once the electricity 1.3 yuan, more than and 300 in my shop every month, roughly equivalent, a moon electricity costs more than and 400 yuan. Looking at this figure, I feel a little distressed, so they began to think of ways to reduce the use of high power consumption, such as air conditioning. How can we save some electricity? I designed a power saving mode.

first, hang the curtains, open the door. As the sun glass curtain wall, the sun in the heat of the day; open the door, the yarn curtain fitted with specialized access to prevent mosquitoes. In this way, can the fiery sun to the window, to the cool wind into the shop. Most of the time, even if you do not open the air conditioning, but also to a refreshing customer friend.

second, put cold water to cool. Every summer, I was cold in a corner of the shop to prepare a pot of cool, when not busy, every time you change a basin of water. Because the summer weather is hot, the water for a while not so cool, cooling effect will be greatly reduced. My experience is that changing the water every half an hour is the most reasonable. In this way, the best cooling water can play a role, but also to avoid wasting too much water.

third, at leisure ground. When the store business is busy, I will pick up the wet mop promptly put off the ground again. This can accelerate the evaporation of water, the store quickly to cool, keep the air moist, so that customers can enjoy a pleasant shop into the cool.

, of course, many electrical appliances in the shop in the freezer must be open, otherwise it will provide the hottest selling ice cream and cold drinks to customers. In general, the freezer benefits will be significantly higher than it consumes electricity.

how diligent work will make net profit shops higher, each owner should have their own experience. The above is a summary of the small sum up the rules of thumb, I do not know whether the operation of the retail owner is helpful. Well, this way is diligent, so in the end, not to save money, you try to know.

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