Join the market to protect their own interests

unknown life is full of opportunities and challenges, is also so many people to join the business, join the market, as is the headquarters and to fight, not all projects can be profitable, so the franchisee must pay attention to protect their own interests.

1. fixed franchise terms

The franchise agreement

2. development schedule

when the franchisee to obtain specific regional franchise — often referred to as the total area license or franchise, the franchisor usually adhere to the franchisee to fulfill regional development schedule mutually agreed. This means that the franchisee must be within a certain number of years to develop the agreed number of franchise stores.

3. intellectual property

One of the main provisions of

4. concession rights

the willingness of the franchisee is necessary to consider the situation and put forward requirements early in the negotiations. At present, there are many misunderstandings and conflicts in franchising, which are often due to the lack of understanding of the "western style" franchise.

although the franchise success rate is very high, but it is not suitable for everyone. Now specifically talk about how investors should choose franchising business.

franchising company

franchising company should look at the franchisor franchise sale company statements and the history of the file. If there is a lack of detailed explanation of the circumstances in the document, it should be made clear to the franchisor that any person who may be affected by the dental caries should be aware of all the relevant circumstances before deciding whether to join a franchise system.


should pay attention to what?Business elements

1. good: these elements should include the following aspects of the established name or trademark of good business philosophy of good business image by checking the product or service excellent operation system is very effective marketing plan unique technology elements mentioned above help the franchisee evaluation to join the franchise recommended

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