Some knowledge of marketing

in the sales process, if it is very cleverly asking the customer, so there’s a lot of good, on the one hand, it can not only allow you to better understand the actual needs of customers, to maintain good relationship with customers, on the other hand, is beneficial to grasp and control the negotiation process between reduce customer misunderstanding.

is not only in mining customer demand to ask, in the promotion of customer turnover also want to ask. There is a clever inquiry system and targeted, first understand the customer needs, and then to introduce our company and products to pave the way, at the same time by customers of the company’s interest, the next station to raise questions in customer demand position, to help control the whole negotiation situation, finally to promote the completion of the transaction, and lays the foundation for future long-term cooperation.

in communication, any questions must focus on a specific goal, this is every salesperson must remember. Therefore, in the process of communication with customers to the destination for every word and action, do not aimlessly from the most basic sales target.

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