Venture project recommendation

many entrepreneurial projects, which projects will be more likely to succeed? Many businesses are eager to know what is a good choice, today Xiaobian a simple summary of the hope that we can help you find the right project, not to be missed.

1, do gift box business. The new year between relatives and friends gifts, gift boxes do business to make money. If you want to do this business, you have to go to the market to find out who is going to buy gifts and what kind of gifts to buy?. To do the gift box business, you have to consider how to design the gift box can not only meet the needs of customers, but also to obtain a reasonable profit. Here, the gift box is more critical rationality. For the same kind of gift box to have different pricing scheme, need to plan carefully.

2, open a lantern shop. Open the New Year Lantern shop can make money, and now the city head not much this workshop, the only choice is to do yourself, to find one or two people to help understand the art, for art feeling, from mass production to repeat. To make each lanterns are fine and solitary. In a street near the alley to find a 20 square meters of the house as a store, behind the work room of about 30 square meters, can meet a few people at the same time production.

3, home appliances are also competing for the Spring Festival market. During the Spring Festival is the golden season of home appliance sales, sales accounted for about 20% of the total annual. Manufacturers and distributors to cooperate: integration of advertising resources, share and supplement the costs, profits will save money for the special offer and gift delivery, grab the Spring Festival market.

4, the Spring Festival Fire car rental industry. The Spring Festival is the music of a car rental company. The 7 day holiday, experienced people early on to the car rental company to car reservation, to avoid them to rent the car trouble. Although more and more families have private cars, but there are many car owners, car rental industry in the Spring Festival revenue considerable.

5, fitness market momentum strong spring festival. Body, dynamic bicycle, aerobic latin…… Two years ago, popular shaping ballet, these two years, yoga, hip-hop "innovation". Some people sigh that the new year has nothing to do, in the fitness club, there are too many things to do. Thus, the new year to send a friend a fitness card into the trend. Swimming pool, ball club can also make a big deal in this boom.

6, festival beauty freshly baked. The naked eye almost can not see the flaws, as long as the woman’s face, may become a new growth point of the beauty industry. During the Spring Festival, is a better time to beauty. Go to see relatives and friends, which women do not get pretty? For the beauty salon, to seize this opportunity to make a big


7, people can stay at home consumption. During the Spring Festival, although many people go out to spend, but nest in the home is a group of larger consumer groups. How to make their consumption at home? Through the network, cable television channels such as VOD, online ordering, delivery is recommended

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